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We Are Here To Serve You (Freight Services)

Pacific Air Cargo (PAC) and its predecessor during the 1990’s, has been the mainstay for heavy freight service into the State of Hawaii for decades. This niche market was developed by PAC founder and CEO Beti Ward to meet the shipping needs of the freight forwarders and consolidators on the mainland and the business and consumer needs in Hawaii. A key driver for this service to Hawaii is that the State needs a reliable and professional method to transport commodities to the islands using other than the traditional shipping vessels that take many days, and are susceptible to the inclement weather of the Pacific. Pacific Air Cargo has specialized in the air freight of vital perishable foods which sustain the isolated markets of Hawaii and is also the market leader for air transportation of large, bulky and oversize consignments such as large aircraft engines, medical equipment and emergency supplies.

Freight Service

Pacific Air Cargo provides exclusive Boeing 747 express air cargo service between Los Angeles and Honolulu, with onward service to Pago Pago in American Samoa. Pacific Air Cargo CEO Beti Ward and her professional, friendly team have a long and well-respected history of reliable, on-time service to the air freight markets in Hawaii, the United States mainland, and throughout the Pacific. Pacific Air Cargo is supported by the majority of domestic and international freight forwarders, integrators and airlines, all of which have significantly contributed to the company’s ongoing success. The friendly, multi-lingual PAC team personally answers every call, providing our valued customers with a quick quote, helpful advice and customer service which are quite simply second-to-none. That outstanding customer care has earned the loyalty and confidence of Pacific Air Cargo’s customers and helped us become one of the fastest growing companies in the air freight business, shifting more than 90 million pounds across our network in the past year alone.